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Member Benefits

Top 10 Benefits to VBR Membership!

  1. REALTOR® Brand: The REALTOR® brand is one of the most recognized trademarks in the world.
  2. Public Awareness: Let consumers know why it is important to use a REALTOR®
  3. Government Advocacy: NAR, CAR, and VBR work with elected leadership in our government to benefit REALTORS®
  4. Technology: We provide resources to help enhance your business.
  5. Education: Give opportunities to increase your knowledge in your profession.
  6. Networking: Offer many events to build relationships within the industry.
  7. Monthly Statistics: Provide free access to monthly indicators, and area reports.
  8. Information Resources: VBR Weekly Update Newsletter, Call for Actions announcements, which help you stay up to date with current information.
  9. Community: VBRF raises funds to promote community projects.
  10. REALTOR® Benefits Program: Helps you save money & time!

As a member of VBR, you have National, State, and Local Realtor® membership. You are provided benefits and tools to enhance you both professionally and personally.