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Become a Member

The Vail Board of Realtors® is a local membership for over 800 real estate professionals in the Vail Valley. We provide our members with tools and resources to help achieve success in their careers. To become a member please complete an application and submit it to the VBR Office.

Start here: Membership Dues & Requirements Information

Do you have questions regarding dues and membership requirements for your Vail Board of REALTORS® membership? More information can be found below, including the difference between VBR/MLS membership and MLS Only membership.

Application links can be found in the below sections. Please contact our offices at 970-766-1028 with questions.

There are New Member Orientation and education requirements depending on your category of membership. Click the button below for more information on requirements.

Become a Realtor® Member:

A Primary member pays state and national dues through VBR membership. A Secondary member pays state and national dues through another Board/Association (VBR is not your main Board). One of the principals in a real estate firm must be a Designated REALTOR® Member of the Board in order for licensees affiliated with the firm to select the Board as their "primary" Board. Information on activation fees and dues information can be found in the above "Start Here" section.

Please complete the following application if you are interested in becoming a primary or secondary member.

  • Complete the Realtor and Appraiser Application.
  • Attend a mandatory New Member Orientation at the Vail Board of Realtors® office.
  • Is your office established with the VBR? If not we will invoice you for the application fee.

Establish an office:

If you are opening your own office, or if your office is not yet a part of the VBR/Vail MLS, you will need to establish an office. Please refer to the above Realtor/Appraiser application link (it is part of the application process).  We will invoice new offices for the $1,200 fee.

MLS Only Participant:

To be an MLS Only Participant, all brokers must hold “Full Membership” with a board first. This is strictly an MLS-only participant option. See the application for further information. Activation fees and monthly dues information is linked here (under MLS Only option).

Please complete the following application for MLS Only Participation.

  • Complete the MLS Only Application.
  • Return the form to the board office with a copy of your active license and payment.
  • Complete a New Member MLS Training. You must complete the new training within two-course offerings from membership activation.
  • Designated Realtor®/ Managing Broker - Please Note: Your Designated REALTOR® must be a member in order for Broker Associates/Agents to become members.

Become a Licensed Assistant or Unlicensed Admin:

Click here to learn more about the benefits and regulations for Licensed Assistants and Unlicensed Admins.

Are you a current member of the VBR and transferring to a New Office?

Are you considering joining as an Affiliate member?

An Affiliate member is someone who does not have a real estate license but who is affiliated with the field of real estate in some way, (e.g. Interior Design, Mortgage Companies, Title Companies or Home Inspectors).

Visit our Become an Affiliate page for the application and benefits information.

Timeline & Process for Applications

In order to process your Realtor® membership application, we will request the following to complete your application:

  • Have an active license with the Colorado Real Estate Commission.
  • If you are currently a member of NAR with another REALTOR® association, we will request a Letter of Good Standing from your primary/former association.
  • Proof (certificate copy) of a Code of Ethics course if you are an existing Realtor®. New Realtors® will need to take in-person at the Vail Board of Realtors®.

It will take three to five business days to process your completed application. We will contact you for payment of initial processing fees and dues.

We will send you a confirmation welcome email that will include.

  • Receipt
  • Login information for your MLS and VBR account
  • Information about NAR Ethics and Orientation courses. Any courses must be completed within 90 days of membership activation.

Annual Dues

Members will receive annual dues statements in November. You have until January 1st to make payment. These invoices are sent by email to each member.