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Member Awards

Realtor® of the Year

The REALTOR® of the Year (ROTY) has been a member of VBR for a minimum of five years and has played a significant role in the VBR and the VBR Board.  The recipient must exhibit a high degree of professionalism, cooperation with other Realtors®, and high ethical standards.

Each ROTY is selected by a committee of past award recipients.  Nominations for this award are accepted for any Primary Realtor® in good standing.  The broker receiving the award  Other considerations are civic activity, participation in the Colorado REALTOR® Foundation (CRF), Colorado Association of REALTORS® Political Survival Fund (PSF), or active at the state level in CAR.

Congratulations to current and past Realtors® of the Year.

Betsy Laughlin 2020

Corey Lamothe 2019

Gary Pesso 2018

Kyle Denton 2017

Mike Budd 2016

Doug Landin 2015

Julie Retzlaff 2014

Terry Nolan 2013

Cynthia Kruse 2012

Matt Blake 2011

Diana Mathias 2010

Asher Maslan 2009

Judy Evans 2008

Rick Cook 2007

Jim McVey 2006

Brian Woodell 2005

Rod Slifer 2004

Oran Palmateer 2003

Frank McKibben 2002

Amy Dorsey 2001

Patti Brave 2000

Karen Wilhelm 1999

Joan Harned 1998

Frank McKibben 1997

Bill Wilto 1996

Ginny Culp 1995

Mac Hodge 1994

Kathy Cole 1993

Larry Agneberg 1992

John Slevin 1991

Don Chapin 1990

Tom Maitland 1989

Ken Wilson 1988

Doug Ketchum 1987

Sue Rychel 1986

Chuck Crist 1985

Jo Brown 1984

Scott Edwards 1983

Dave Tyrell 1982

Bob Finlay 1981

Dave Cole 1980

Affiliate of the Year

Affiliate of the Year is selected by VBR members. Nominations for this award are accepted from Realtor® members and voted on by Realtors®.  The following criteria are considered when nominating an affiliate member for this award.

  • Displays highly professional business conduct
  • Delivers excellent service to customers
  • Is active in the community
  • Consistently supports the activities of the Vail Board of Realtors® and its Affiliates.

Congratulations to the current and past Affiliates of the Year.

2020 Kira Taylor

2019 Cris Nelson

2018 Katie Kuchler

2017 Ron Amass

2016 Tex Asanti

2015 Blake Putnam

2014 William DesPortes

2013 Julie Heaton

2012 Sarah Dorman

2011 Sarah Jardis

2010 Trevor Theelke

2009 Sheilah Gordon

2008 Drew Dodd

2007 Karen Biggs

2006 Mike Brown

2005 Bill Walsh

2004 Craig Hauschildt

2003 Janelle Bryant

2002 Darlene Henderson

2001 Arleen Montag

2001 Devon DeCrausaz

2000 Gail Ferry

1999 Bob Rulon

1998 Sandy Capell

1997 Dave Kisko

1996 Christine Banowetz

CAR Leadership Academy Graduates

CAR Leadership Academy is an exclusive four-month training and development program designed to nurture future association leaders. It is focused on developing participants’ industry and association knowledge.

Congratulations to the following VBR Members who are Colorado Association of Realtors® Leadership Academy Graduates.

2021 - Dawn Mullin

2020 - Chad Cremonese

2019 - Kevin Kuebert 

2018 - Betsy Laughlin

2017 - Laura Sellards

2015 - Crissy Rumford

2014 - Julie Retzlaff

E Jo Brown Award

This special award is given to a Realtor® member for service to our community and the Board. This award is in honor of the late Jo Brown, former president of the Vail Board of Realtors® and VBR Realtor of the Year. Jo's signature color was orange.

Congratulations to our Realtor® members who have received this award.

Bev Trout

Amy Dorsey