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Board of Directors

The VBR, VMLS, and VBR Foundation's Board of Directors are members who graciously volunteer their time to help strengthen the association's events, services, member offerings, and strategic plan initiatives.

Please call the VBR offices at 766-1028 for Board Member contact information.

2022 Vail Board of Realtors® Directors

Chair: Alex Griffin
Past Chair: Kevin Kuebert
Chair-Elect: Mike Seguin

MLS Chair: Kyle Stoveken

Dawn Mullin
Lynne Krnacik
Bobby Hermosillo
Kevin Denton
Tiffany McCracken
Cara Connolly
Cynthia Thrall

Affiliate Liaison: Jon Morse

2022 Vail Multi-List Service Directors

Chair: Kyle Stoveken
VMLS Chair-Elect: Kira Taylor

Director: Adam Bartlett
Director: JC Hernandez
VBR Director: Alex Griffin
VBR Chair-Elect: Mike Seguin


2022 Vail Board of Realtors® Foundation Directors

Chair: Crissy Rumford

Director: Ann Foster
Director: Andrew Keiser
Director: Corey Lamothe
Director: Dawn Mullin
Director: Laura Sellards

Director: Julie Retzlaff