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Realtors® and Affiliates work in tandem to bolster local real estate market.

Working relationships are most successful when people combine their efforts. They accomplish more together than they can separately. The Realtor® and Affiliate members of the Vail Board of Realtors® (VBR) have this synergy. Both sides of this partnership support the other – and both sides benefit.

The VBR is known for its 800-plus Realtor® members that clients and the community can trust for real estate expertise. However, who do Realtors® turn to for advice and expertise?

“The real estate community is not just Realtors,” says Alex Griffin, Vail Board of Realtors® Chair. “It is a community of members that rely on each other. We could not be successful without the lenders, title companies, inspectors, among others.”

Known as Affiliate Partners, or simply as Affiliates, they provide real-estate related services in over 30 categories, ranging from architects to websites. The VBR provides a directory on its site that is accessible to members and the public.

Welcome Home Bag image

The Welcome Home Bag for home buyers is one of the projects funded by Affiliates.

Affiliates provide support for VBR members in many ways, like sponsoring classes or volunteering for events.  In addition to sponsorships, some Affiliates provide education opportunities for Realtors®.  Licensed real estate agents in Colorado must take continuing education classes, and Affiliate companies like Title Company of the Rockies provide classes to agents.

“Being available for the brokers is a privilege,” says Tex Asanti of Title Company of the Rockies. “We recognize that brokers are our clients. When they succeed, their clients also succeed, then we all succeed. Anything and everything we can do to support their success is important to us.”

Ensuring Expertise

The VBR prides itself on providing resources to help all its members position themselves as professionals, including its Vail Pro Designation. The goal of Vail Pro is to raise the professionalism within its membership with industry knowledge, local history, and current events affecting the community. Originally created for Realtor® education, the Vail Pro program was expanded to Affiliates.

Affiliate members also play a major part in providing Vail Pro courses. Inspectors, lenders, escrow agents, surveyors, and appraisers share their expertise for these classes - from writing outlines to teaching the courses. Sarah Dorman of Land Title Guarantee Company teaches a portion of a title, closing, and survey Vail Pro class.

“This program is just one of the many things that makes our board so special, says Dorman. “The classes provide a professional, peer-specific environment where the agent can gain knowledge to better serve their customers.”

Making Connections

As part of the synergistic relationship, Affiliates benefit from promotion to Realtor® members. This is often more than logo placement. It can include speaking opportunities and one-on-one time with fellow members at events like affiliate expos and an annual golf tournament.

Affiliate Expo June 2022

Realtors and Affiliates network at VBR's Business & Affiliate Expo.

VBR’s Business and Affiliate Expo is hosted each summer with over 25 participating Affiliate members. While it was created specifically for Realtors® and Affiliate members to meet, business professionals who are not VBR members are invited to participate. Asanti describes it as a “fun” event.

“It brings together local businesses in support of our real estate community,” says Asanti.  “Brokers are invited to stop by our tables, say hi, and visit with the businesses who support their success. We also network with our fellow affiliates at the event and make connections.”

She stresses the value of affiliate membership for businesses that are interested in reaching the local real estate community.

“Where else can you go to reach over 800 Realtors, who have thousands of clients, who need or want your expertise, services or products,” adds Asanti. “You will get to know your broker neighbors, fellow businesses, and everyone involved comes together to support each other’s success.”

According to Griffin, continuing those connections between Realtor® and Affiliate members is significant for the VBR. Part of the strategic planning for the VBR Board of Directors is to expand and enhance the affiliate membership program.

“Collaboration is key,” adds Griffin. “Affiliate membership is a great way to connect and foster relationships, and to be a part of the real estate community.”

To find a trusted real-estate professional, please visit to search directories of Affiliate Partners and Realtors®