The VMLS Board was asked by the Membership Committee to reinstate one-day codes as a backup option for issues with the SentriConnect App, cell phone coverage or, other extenuating circumstances. After hearing the concerns of the members, the VBR and VMLS Board of Directors have approved to add back this feature.

Realtor®/Appraisers must continue to grant access to affiliates and unlicensed individuals such as contractors, inspectors, and photographers. The original reason for the change was because of liability risk to the Board by using the one-day codes. For example, if a member gives access to a person using a one-day code, and something happens during this time the person is in the property, or if the one-day code is shared with an unauthorized person. Since the VBR is providing the lockbox service, the liability could potentially fall to the association, because we would not have had a way to track who was in the property.

If members choose to use the one-day code feature, they are REQUIRED to input the first name, last name, and phone number of the person entering the property so that the MLS has the data needed for our liability. As part of the changes to the Rules and Regulations, a fee of $50 per occurrence will be issued to members who violate this requirement.

The SentriConnect Mobile App allows the listing agent to grant temporary access to their lockboxes that are assigned to a property for those who don't already have access like contractors, inspectors, and photographers. SentriConnect allows the listing agent to grant access to a specific lockbox for a specific duration of time and receive instant notifications of when the SentriConnect user accesses the lockbox.

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