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Vail Board of Realtors® Committee Information

Our committees are made up of members who graciously volunteer their time to help strengthen the association's events, services, member offerings, and strategic plan initiatives.

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2020 Committees 

Education Committee

Provides educational programming by identifying and working with the best trainers available. Analyze marketing, attendance, enjoyment levels to ensure consistently improving, high-level CE and non-CE offerings.

Chair: Corey Lamothe

Staff Liason: Mel McKinney 

  • Jared Saul
  • Laurie Slaughter
  • Hagen Kuhl
  • Jack Affleck
  • Julie Retzlaff
  • Sarah Dorman
  • Renee Oleson
  • Kristen Miller

Finance & Budget Committee

Reviews board financials on a quarterly/annual basis considers and makes recommendations regarding board finances, budgeting, annual auditing.

Chair: Kevin Kuebert

Staff Liaison: Erica Kirk 

  • Dan Fitchett
  • Mike Budd
  • Betsy Laughlin
  • Joel Barndt
  • Alex Griffin
  • Laura Sellards

Government Affairs Committee
This committee reviews legislation, recommending action as needed to protect the interests of REALTORS®, our industry, and clients. We work with the county and municipalities, also local, state and national REALTOR® boards to carry out initiatives. Examples of projects include Wildfire Mitigation, Colorado Water Plan, Affordable Housing and more.

Chair: Mike Budd

Staff Liasion: Erica Kirk 

  • Bev Trout
  • Paula Fisher
  • Matt Dannals
  • Sarah Parish
  • Tiffany McCracken
  • Cynthia Thrall
  • Joanna Hopkins 

RPAC Committee

This committee works on educating members about the REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC) and helps raise funds to achieve our goals each year. 

Chair: Crissy Rumford

Staff Liasion: Erica Kirk 

  • Co-Chair Chad Cremonese
  • Tiffany McCraken
  • Betsy Laughlin
  • Kira Taylor

Public Relations Committee

The committee promotes a positive REALTOR® presence in the community. It also looks at ways to improve and expand Public Outreach.

Chair: Chad Cremonese  

Staff Liason: Mel McKinney 

  • Kira Taylor
  • Heidi Bintz
  • Michelle Rampelt
  • Nate Hall
  • Breanna Barry
  • Raissa Wohlgemuth
  • Bobby Hermosillo
  • Claire Ewing

Membership Committee

Reviews and plans for Member services, including new and existing products and services that would benefit members. Reviews existing and implement new Membership Outreach opportunities, such as the VBR Newsletter, emails, social networking opportunities, and more.

Chair: Scott Marino

Staff Liason: Jen Beckley 

  • Tex Asanti
  • Trevor Theelke
  • Cara Connelly
  • Allison Descent
  • Jeannie Hauff
  • Adam Bartlett

Affiliate Committee

Reviews the affiliate membership and provides affiliate members with the information they need to be part of the organization. 

Chair: Kira Taylor

Staff Liason: Mel McKinney 

  • Tex Asanti
  •  Laureen Blickenstaff
  • John Goss
  • Chad Roberts
  •  Dawn Mullin
  • Jeff Scroggin
  • Todd Serwatt

VMLS Operations Committee

Reviews, researches and makes recommendations regarding potential new and existing real estate specific technology-related products and services for members. There is strong integration with the MLS, however, projects are not limited to MLS specific products. Also reviews suggestions and looks for ways to improve the functionality of the MLS system. This may include recommending changes to data fields and also corresponding policies to resolve common issues and make improvements to in the MLS system.

Chair: Chad Cremonese 

Staff Liason: Mike Fox 

  • Susie Huxford
  • Jay Peterson 
  • Ellyn Courtois
  • Kyle Stoveken
  • Alex Griffin 
  • Eric Burgund
  • Wil Sipf

VBRF Golf Tournament Committee
Plans and promotes fundraising events for the VBR Foundation. The VBRF Golf Tournament is the biggest fundraiser of the year!

Chair: Kevin Denton

Staff Liason: Mike Fox 

  •  Kira Taylor
  • Trevor Theelke
  • Cynthia Thrall
  • Victoria Frank
  • Bobby Leeds
  • Sara Hoodicoff 
  • Kelly VanHee

VBRF Scholarship Committee 

Puts together the scholarship application and reviews the applications once they are submitted. 

Chair: Bev Trout

Staff Liason: Erica Kirk 

  • Corey Lamothe
  • Ann Foster
  • Mike Seguin
  • Allison Decent

VBRF Fundraising Committee 

Establishes a fundraising plan for the Foundation to raise money each year following the strategic objectives of the Foundation. 

Chair: Cynthia Thrall

Staff Liason: Erica Kirk 

  • Ruth Stanley
  • Ashley Schleper
  • Kristi Cavanagh
  • Dawn Mullin
  • Lynne Krnacik
  • Kaeli Gemmell


Healthcare Solutions for Colorado REALTORS®

From Innovative Cost Sharing Solutions

to Traditional Health Insurance Resources

There are now resources for cost-sharing and traditional insurance:

Traditional Insurance:
1. Allows you to shop all plans available in your zip code, many of which are not available on the Colorado Exchange
2. Dental and vision plans also available

Medical cost-sharing now includes:
1. The monthly cost is significantly lower
2. No insurance networks for medical care
3. Concierge medical service – one number to coordinate medical care, billing, logistics, etc.
4. Includes 24/7/365 unlimited virtual primary care
5. Dental and vision discount plans included


Watch a recorded webinar with Alpine Association Benefits to learn about the updates to the CAR Healthcare Solutions plans.


Alpine Association Benefits

MONTHLY ENROLLMENT is now available.

This effective solution for managing healthcare costs is exclusive to CAR and the VBR members! 

Click here to learn more and enroll in the program. 

For questions email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call  720-523-5524.

CAR HealthcareSolutionsForCOrealtors

The Colorado Association of Realtors and local associations have put together an option to help Realtors and Affiliates manage healthcare costs.

View the video below to see participating providers and how to register. 

healthcare video


Sedera is a medical cost sharing community that is endorsed by the Colorado Association of Realtors®. 

The video link below explains how Sedera works, member costs and the enrollment process. Any VBR member including affiliates can enroll. 

Sedera video