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As we have new information and resources to share regarding COVID-19 we will update this section. 

Safer at Home Third Amended Public Health Order

Due to rising COVID cases, the State of Colorado has issued changes to its 'Safer at Home' order. The updates are to combat one of the areas contributing most to spread - private/personal gatherings.

The new orders will prohibit gatherings of more than 2 households. This is because we are seeing gatherings of less than 10 people but with several different households present, spreading the virus more widely requiring expanded quarantines or expansive impacts to schools, businesses, etc.

Click here to read the amended order.

Further changes are outlined below with the revised order attached:

p. 4 Section II.A: clarified that counties are not limited to being moved only one level at a time in the dial, and that CDPHE reserves the right to move counties in the dial more quickly than the timeframes outlined as circumstances warrant.

p. 5, 6 and 8 Section II.B, C, and D: reduced the gathering size limit in Level 1 to no more than 10 people, clarified in all 3 levels that gatherings should not exceed more than 2 households, and clarified that the person caps in restaurants, houses of worship, and indoor/outdoor events exclude staff.

p 10 Section III.B: clarified that critical businesses and government functions should follow their sector guidance, unless doing so does not allow them to provide the critical need.

p. 21 Section IV.C.15: clarified that elections operations includes activities at voter services and polling centers and other locations where elections activities occur, as well as including the act of voting by a voter.

Eagle County- Phase 3 - Black Diamond 

Eagle County is now in an Amended Black Diamond Phase. 

October 9, 2020 - Eagle County Public Health and Environment has updated the county’s Public Health Order regarding COVID-19. 

The Statewide Order is hereby adopted in its entirety as an Eagle County Standing Public Health Order. Said Statewide Order can be found at Eagle County will start at the Safer at Home Level 2, Concerned. The metrics for the county have been stable over the past few weeks and if they can be maintained for two more weeks, Eagle County could qualify for the Safer at Home Level 1, Cautious, which can increase capacities for some indoor and outdoor settings.

In alignment with the county’s Transition Trail Map and with modifications in accordance with a variance from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). You are encouraged to read both to be aware of requirements. 

Face coverings are required in public indoor settings. “We are taking this step now to protect the progress we’ve made, as well as our near- and long-term goals of a successful school year, ski season and beyond,”  said Commissioner Kathy Chandler-Henry. “We believe the potential inconvenience of wearing masks is a small price to pay to protect that future.”

Also, private gatherings are limited to ten individuals, and business group sizes are limited to up to 100 people indoors and 175 people outdoors as long as 6 feet of distance between non-household members can be maintained.

Current disease surveillance data has pushed Eagle County into a cautious state with recent increases in spread noted in the county and region. In addition, state and national transmission data continues to increase with several states slowing down their reopening plan in advance of the holiday weekend. “Our ability to keep the virus in check and slow the spread at a community level is based on our individual behaviors,” said Heath Harmon, Director of Eagle County Public Health and Environment. “The recent increases in Eagle County warrant everyone’s caution. Whether you are a local or a visitor, we want you to reduce contact with others and remain vigilant with the Five Commitments of Containment.”

-I will maintain 6 feet of distance
-I will wash my hands often
-I will cover my face in public
-I will stay home when I am sick
-I will get tested immediately if I have symptoms

For Eagle County, Public Health resources use this link. 

Eagle County Community COVID-19 Monitoring

Open Houses

Please know that Open Houses are now allowed. The State of Colorado has made allowances for Open Houses. Read more here 7/2/20

As a business in the community, We encourage you to check out the “Business Communication Guide” and the “Welcome Home” toolkit, which invites second homeowners to “come here, live here, stay here.” There has been a lot of work to support the recovery of our economy.

To reopen all businesses must create and visibly post a Social Distancing Protocol, explaining how the business is achieving all social distancing, sanitizing and cleaning, and other requirements.

Eagle County Transition Trail Map 

Eagle County COVID-19 Business Toolkit

Let the community know about your current business offerings. Vail Community Bulletin 

Currently, Erica Kirk is the Chair of the real estate Private Sector Task Force groups

The Private Sector Task Forces are private sector groups designed to help you and your business find information, and take part, in the community-wide recovery from COVID-19. We will share any update with all VBR members in regard to the efforts being worked on by the task force. If you have questions please feel free to reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

5/9/20  The Division of Real Estate has issued additional guidance for all the items in the Safer At Home phase. It covers all questions of who should be doing what. We wanted to make sure you got this message from DORA and if you did not it is linked here.

Did you miss this the Wednesday Q & A with special guest Scott Peterson CAR Legal Counsel?  Watch the recorded session here

Watch the Legal Bites video above from CAR General Counsel Scott Peterson discusses the state’s new 'Safer at Home' Order and Local County Updates. Also included are new Buyer & Seller COVID-19 Advisory Forms.

These forms aren't meant to be used as disclaimers or indemnification documents. Please contact CAR's Legal Hotline with questions on these forms. The Hotline is a free benefit to you as a VBR and CAR members.

Safe Showing Pledge

After hearing concerns from neighbors in the community, we have put together a “Safe Showing Pledge” marketing campaign to share all the extra precautions taken for showing properties by following the state “safer at home” guidelines. Watch the video above to learn more about it.

These guidelines ensure to protect the Vail Valley and Buyers and Sellers. Showing that we care and the REALTOR® value is an important message. We have images created for you to share in your marketing, on your social media, and a Facebook profile image frame that says, “I’m committed to the safe showing pledge.”

Join us in sharing with our neighbors your commitment to the “Safe Showing Pledge.”

View information to share in your marketing & social media for the Safe Showing Pledge

State of Colorado COVID-19 Information

Colorado Department of Public Health

Safer at Home - Third Amended Public Health Order. October 2020.

Safer at Home and in the Vast, Great Outdoors

Eagle County guidelines do not specifically address real estate, which means that we should be following the state guidelines. We can't stress how important it is that the real estate community takes this seriously. Committing to following these guidelines ensures we don't move backward or get stricter regulations. 

Please read through the 'Safer at home' order. We want to direct you to read page 5 "Section E" and page 18 "Appendix B." Real estate falls into "Field Services." 

As we have moved to the new guidelines, real estate includes in-person real estate showings and marketing services, which must adhere to Social Distancing Requirements with cleaning and disinfection between each showing,.

Appendix B refers to the requirement that needs to be met to show the property for employing brokers and agents. A few items to point out are bullet-pointed below.  Makes sure and read the entire list as these are the requirements for showing a property.

  • Must wear mask and gloves & provide them to clients
  • Monitor of agent symptoms and developing a policy for offices
  • Maintaining a detailed log of contacts 
  • Cleaning and disinfecting between showings- (A good idea here would be to put a note in your showing instructions on how this is going to be coordinated.)
  • Read full list

When it comes to showings, the best practice is to minimize "people within the same household" to attend, such as decision-makers.

Safer at home and in the vast, great outdoors - June 1

COVID-19 Relief Resources 

CARES Act & SBA Resources for Businesses:

Click here to view a separate page that breakdown all the resources available to the real estate and business community for relief for COVID-19.  

NAR Resources

The National Association of Realtors® is taking steps to support members through these uncertain times. The Right Tools, Right Now initiative makes new and existing NAR products and services available for FREE or at significant discounts – right now – and is available to REALTORS® and REALTOR® Associations.

NAR: Coronavirus Guidance for REALTORS®

CAR Resources 


CAR Expands Legal Hotline Hours

Be On the Lookout for Coronavirus Scams

Upcoming Events & Training:

Every Monday: Managing in Uncertainty series

The Colorado Small Business Development Center Network is adding webinars on a daily basis to address common COVID-19 programs and to give you the opportunity to ask questions of industry experts. You can also find topics for startups, and also the weekly Managing in Uncertainty series (Mondays at Noon). Click here to see a list of webinars (updated daily).